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Upcoming Events

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Previous Events & Media Links

  • December 2014: Haas Business School Guest Lecturer: Navigating the media startup. Lessons learned and thought leadership on how to build out a scalable operational supply chain in the fast paced Digital Media Space.
  • November 2013: IAB AdOperations Summit:HOW TO Make Digital Media as Easy to Buy as Broadcast. The multiscreen revolution is here, but the buying, execution, and reconciliation of digital media still lags behind traditional media. Explore how Carat joined Pandora’s integration into Mediaocean and STRATA, automating the digital media buying process, to solve programmatic, e-business, and self-service challenges for clients.Gain insider knowledge on how programmatic buying systems work and the positive impact Pandora and Carat are seeing in operational margins
  • September 25th 2013: The Challenges of Programmatic Selling – YieldEx Executive Summit. Panelist.
  • June 14th 2013: When She Speaks – Millennials in Our Midst – Panelist.The Millennial Generation otherwise known as Generation Y is no longer made-up of just kids and teens. The eldest are now graduating college and entering the professional workforce. They are in our workplace, impacting what we do, how we do it! They bring their share of perspectives and challenges, but they also bring new ideas and innovations and approaches, a mix of pluses and minuses. A successful corporation will embrace the diversity offered by this influential generation. Our panel will speak on the general profile of millennials, recruiting and engagement strategies for millennials, and how to embrace all the millennials in our midst!
  • Leading Women in Technology – Wilpower Program 2013 Workshop 3: How to strategically network in the online social age – Speaker and Workshop Facilitator. Workshop Description: Recent research shows that men have broad networks that are very shallow and women have deep relationships that are very narrow. Yet, getting the promotion you deserve and establishing the credibility you need to catapult your career forward is often as much about who knows you as it is about who you know. In this session, we will identify and practice some network-building strategies that work and uncover and redesign some old modes of behavior that may be holding you back from establishing the visibility, credibility and connections you need to be successful.
  • Levo League Office Hours: Office Hours is a weekly, 30-minute video chat with extraordinary leaders. The live Q&A session grants you an exclusive inside look into the career path, lessons learned and personal advice from top leaders and experts – right from the comfort of their office. Webinar
  • eMetrics Summit, San Francisco April 2013Big Data for Marketing in Real Life: For every megabyte of hype about Big Data, there are gigabytes of glitches, terabytes of troubles and petabytes of problems. We’ve brought together three proficient  professionals who use massive amounts of data to improve their platform, improve customer experience and deliver their product. This panel dishes out some very practical, tactical and just a little technical insight into how much trouble and how much value Big Data really has to offer.
  • Ad Monsters Publisher Forum –  Mobile November 11th 2012: Pandora’s Path to Mobile. In its fiscal Q2 2013, Pandora increased its mobile advertising revenue by 86% to $60 million dollars, making it a huge player in the mobile ad space. Joanna Bloor, VP of Sales Operations at Pandora Media, will explain how the company has transitioned from the desktop to the myriad small screens on the market, following its increasingly mobile audience.
  • Dreamforce 2012: September 23rd, 2012
  • SVP & GM Andy MacMillan announces and demos Social Key, a new feature that allows customers to merge social account data with traditional business data. Pandora VP of Sales Operations Joanna Bloor talks about what the social music platform is doing with products and how the announcement of Social Key will impact Pandora’s business. VIDEO

  • Media Productization Strategies: Realizing The True Value of your Online Assets
  • When it comes to product packaging and pricing, digital publishers tend not to think about what it is they are selling and why they are selling it, until it’s too late. This is very much a by-product of how rapidly our industry has developed and evolved over time. Many have built businesses from the back-end of the supply-chain forward, and with competition mounting, publishers must become ever more diligent about ensuring they have a strategic philosophy, structure and discipline in place around their product/solution set. WEBINAR

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